What is the rent, purchase cost, and vacant house of Funaya in Ine?

The small fishing village “Ine no Funaya” can finally be reached after two hours by car and three and a half hours by bus from Kyoto Station.
This small town on the corner of Tango Peninsula in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture is known as a popular tourist destination due to its unique scenery.
About 300,000 people visit the town with a population of only 2,000 a year. The purpose is the scenery of Ine.
The view of the 230 Funayas, which stretches for about 5 km, is spectacular.

Can you live in Funaya in Ine?

In conclusion, you can live. Originally it was used as a warehouse for boats to store wooden boats, but now the number of houses that have boats is decreasing, and the number of houses that are used as guest houses or private houses is increasing. So it is possible to live.
Then, the question arises , “How do you find a house to live in? ”
The answer is, ” You have to find a vacant house and negotiate for yourself . ” There are about 230 Funaya in Ine, and almost all of them are privately owned.
And there are no real estate companies around Ine. Therefore, I have no choice but to negotiate directly with the owner of the Funaya who wants to sell it.
Unfortunately, I don’t know the market price of rent and purchase price because there is no real estate agent. Prices will also vary greatly from property to property. .. ..
The reality is that renting and purchasing is quite a hurdle. .. ..
But that doesn’t mean there is no way out.

Method ① Check information on vacant house bank

Please see the Ine Town website below for an explanation of the unoccupied house bank.

Ine Town has established the Unoccupied House Information Registration System “Unoccupied House Bank” in order to expand exchanges between townspeople and city residents and revitalize the area by promoting settlement through the effective use of unoccupied houses.
“Unoccupied house bank” introduces information on unoccupied houses and vacant lots on the homepage etc. to those who wish to live in Ine Town. If you have a “vacant house / vacant lot” in Ine Town and would like to cooperate with the provision of information at this bank, please contact us. We hope that the “vacant house bank” will serve as a bridge between “I want to live” and “I want you to see properties such as vacant houses”.

In other words, it is a matching system that connects people who want to sell and people who want to buy locally. However, please note that the purpose is only matching and the actual negotiations must be conducted between the parties.
By the way, please see this homepage for the latest information on Ine Town.
To Ine Town Unoccupied House Bank Information Page

If you look at it, the location of Kameshima, Ine Town, will be the land around Funaya in Ine. There is no choice but to inquire directly to see if the land is a funaya.
However, in reality, Funaya is rarely listed on this page.
Many people want it because it is a popular tourist destination in recent years, so it seems that there are many cases where it is bought and sold between individuals before it is listed here.

Method ② Try to live in a “trial house”

This is a project that Ine Town is conducting to promote migrants. Quoted from the Ine Town website below.

In order to promote migration to Honmachi and to promote the influx of population into Honmachi, those who are considering moving to Honmachi can use it as a stepping stone to settle down while experiencing the climate and daily life of Honmachi. Develop a temporary residence in the area.

For those who are interested in living in Funaya in Ine, it is a good idea to actually live there to find out what kind of place it is.
The period is up to 3 months, and the rent is 25,000 yen per month. For other expenses, please check the Ine Town website below.
It would be great if I could have a concrete image of living while living ^^
To Ine Town Trial Housing Details Page

Looking at the whole of Ine Town

I hope you found it difficult to live permanently in Funaya, Ine.
So what about Ine Town as a whole? In Ine, like other local governments, there are a certain number of municipal housing.
So, if you want to live in Ine Town other than Funaya in Ine, Municipal Housing is recommended.
Please note that there are age restrictions and income restrictions depending on the facility in the municipal housing.
Rent varies depending on the number of households, age, and income, so please check directly on the Municipal Housing page below.

To Ine Town Municipal Housing Introduction Page

 Ine Town’s only villa “Tomari”

Another thing I would like to introduce is the villa area of ​​the night. The villa area still remains in the Tomari district of Ine Town.
Many of the buildings were built during the bubble era of the Showa era, and unlike old folk houses, many are relatively new.
Also, most of the owners own it as a villa, so I get the impression that properties for sale are regularly released.
Actually, there are some hits in Google search.
The person who manages this villa is ” Log & Bird no Mori Kyoei Shokai (TEL: 0772-32-0418)” .
If you would like to see a vacant property, we recommend that you contact us once.

So far, I have provided information on vacant houses in Ine Town.
I’m glad if you can use it as a reference.