Tips for Beginners

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For first-time visitors to Ine

Speaking of Ine’s pronouns, it is “Ine’s Funaya” after all. There are many ways to enjoy funaya, from the observation deck, to enjoy the funaya with the scenery of Ine Bay, or to taste the view of the funaya seen from the sea while being swayed by the waves on the sea. Here you will find points and access routes for each way to enjoy. In addition to Ine Funaya, there are many other attractive spots. We will introduce the charm of Ine not only funaya, such as Urashima Shrine where the legend of Urashima Taro is transmitted, sea kayaking experience where you can enjoy the great nature of the Sea of Japan, fishing port lunch where you can taste freshly caught fish in front of the fishing port.

How to enjoy in Ine – Check before going out –

Ineura Park (enjoy Funaya closely)

It is located in the funaya group of Ine. There are several cafes and restaurants around Ineura Park. Stop there and enjoy a stroll while enjoying the view of funaya. Paid parking is available in Ineura Park. Please be careful not to enter inside the boat houses(Funaya) by mistake because most of them are private land of the individual. If you would like to visit the boat indoor area, please apply for the Ineura walking guided tour.
 If you are arriving by public transportation, please get off at the bus stop “Ine”. If you are coming by car, please use “Ineura Park Parking Lot” or “Shichimensan Parking Lot”.
Click Here for Parking information

Funaya no Sato road side station (enjoy observatory of Funaya)

“Funaya no Sato road side station” is located on the hill so you can enjoy Ine’s funaya from the observation deck. In addition to restaurants, there is a souvenir shop directly operated by Ineura Fisheries Co., Ltd., where you can purchase seasonal fish dried fish caught in Ine Town. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal.

<How to go>
If you are coming by public transportation, please get off at the bus stop “Michinoeki Funayanosato Ine”.
If you are coming by car, please use the road station parking lot (free of charge). Parking information

Sightseeing boat (enjoy funaya from the sea)

Funaya was originally a boathouse for fishermen. The view of the boat from the top of the sea is different from the land. Please enjoy the daily life of the fisherman while being swayed by the waves slowly. The
re are two types of cruise boats: Sea taxis(small boat) and Ine Bay cruise ship (large-scale cruise boats). If you are small number of people, Sea taxi is recommended.

For details, please refer to the cruise ship introduction page.
  Sightseeing Boat Introduction Page

There are many sightseeing spots besides funaya!

Urashima Shrine

There are many attractive spots in Ine besides Funaya Group. One of them is Urashima Shrine, which tells the legend of Japan’s oldest Urashima, located about a 20-minute drive from funaya area. A shrine that has been transmitted to Japan since ancient times so that there are descriptions in manyo collections and ancient times. While it is quiet, there is a dignified and tensioned air in the precincts. Nearby are Nunobiki Falls, which is said to be a phantom waterfall with a deep relationship with the Urashima Story.

<How to go>
If you come by public transportation, get off at the bus stop “Urashima Jinjya Mae”. If yo
u are coming by car, please use the road station parking lot (free of charge).

Sea kayaking experience in Honjohama (May to September only)

A 3-minute drive from Urashima Shrine is Honjohama Beach, where untouched nature remains. Swimming is prohibited near the Funaya group in Ine, but this is a swimming area, so you can swim freely. Especially recommended is the Ine Sea Kayaking Experience “In the Land of Urashima Taro Legend”. Explore the intricate coast in a kayak ride with your instructor. You will surely be impressed by the overwhelming natural beauty.

<How to go>
If you come by public transportation, get off at the bus stop “Urashima jinjya Mae”. However, please note that it takes about 30 minutes on foot from there.
. If you are coming by car, please use honjohama beach customer’s private parking lot (charge: 1 car / 1,000 yen).

For Sea Kayaking Experience

Kamanyu Fishing Port lunch (April to early October only)

If you come to Ine, you should stop by Kamanyu fishing port lunch. While looking at the sea, you can taste fresh seafood caught on the day. The volume is also perfect. It is so popular that there is a line on Saturdays and Sundays. *It is only open on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and public holidays from April to early October every year, so please check with us for business days.

Fishing Port Mesi Homepage

<How to go>
If you are coming by public transportation, get off at the bus stop “Kamanyu.
If you are coming by car, please use the private parking lot.
Parking information


Q.Where is the parking lot of Funaya in Ine?

A.There are three parking lots (including paid and free) in the Funaya group i
n Ine.
・ (Charged) Ineura Park Parking Lot

・(Charged) Nanamayama Parking Lot 

・(Free) Road Station Funaya No Sato Ine 
For more information,please check the page as below;
Parking lot in Ine

Q.I would like to stay in Ine Town.

A.There are about 30 accommodation facilities available in Ine Town. For accommodation reservations, please refer to page <Stay> as below;  Funaya inns are often full from a few months in advance. Please check the availability on the website of each hotel or directly by phone.

Q.I’d like to eat in Ine Town.

A.For facilities where you can eat in Ine Town, please refer to page <Eat&Drink> . Because there are not so many restatrants, it is often crowded on Saturdays and Sundays, and it can be waiting for an hour. Please come after confirming well in advance.

Q.What is the recommended experience you can enjoy in Ine Town?

A.Ine Town is not only a walking guide where you can learn about the history and culture of Funaya, but also a soba making experience using buckwheat flour harvested in Ine Town, a sea kayaking experience where you can experience nature, and a bindama making experience where you can learn the handied work of fishermen. For details, please refer to the <Tour&Activities> 

Q.How can I use a rental bicycle?

A.Bicycles can be rented and returned freely at cycle points (rental and return bases) in Ine Town. There are five cycle points:  Inewanmeguri Hide Station, Ineura Park Bicycle Parking Lot, Ine Post Office,FynayanoSatoIne Road side station, and Funaya Biyori. Because it is somewhere in five places, anyone can use it freely without procedure (there isno key).Bevause of COVID-119,free bicycle is not available right now.
 On the other hand, E-bie(Electric bicycles) can be rented for a fee. Please Check the intorduction page as below;
Ine bicycle rental

Q.Can I use a credit card?

A.Credit cards are not accepted at many accommodations and shops in the town. You can use the ATM of Ine Post Office in the Funaya group of Ine.

Q.Is there a place where I can swim in Ine Town?

A.Swimming is not available in the Funaya group in Ine. In other areas, you can swim at Honjohama Beach, which is a 10-minute drive from Ine’s Funaya, and a 20-minute drive from Tomari Beach.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus, the opening of Honjo and Tomari Beach has been canceled. Therefore, showers are not allowed. In addition, please note that there is no installation of ropes such as swimming areas.

Q.Is there a convenience store in Ine Town?

A.It is not in Ine-town, However, there are small shops, etc., but the number of items is not as abundant as convenience stores, so it is recommended to purchase the required items in advance.

Q.Which is recommended for 2 types of cruise boats (“Ine Bay Tour Boat” or “Maritime Taxi”)?

A.If it is a small group of about 20 people, Sea taxi is recommended. Ine bay cruise ship is large and it is capable for 150 people, so it is suitable for group customers.

Q.Is there any experience that I can enjoy on the day?

A.Many experiences must be booked in advance. We recommend that you make a reservation in advance and visit.