Ine bicycle rental (how much does it cost? Where can I rent it?)

If you come to Funaya in Ine, don’t hesitate to rent a bicycle!
Because, there are about 230 Funaya in Ine over a 5km circumference.
If you try to go all around on foot, it will take about 60 minutes one way. .. .. It’s a little tough, isn’t it?
Moreover, it is difficult to move by car because the road around Ine Funaya is narrow and the parking lot is limited. .. ..
Therefore, I would like to recommend a rental cycle! There are three advantages of rent-a-bicycle.

・ You can go around the sightseeing spots of Funaya smoothly in a short time!
・ You can go to places that cannot be reached by car by bicycle!
・ You can enjoy sightseeing while feeling the sea breeze!

When you come to the city by the sea, it’s definitely more fun to explore the narrow back alleys while bathing in the sea breeze!

But how much does it cost?
Actually, there used to be a bicycle that can be rented for free, but it is currently suspended because measures against corona infectious diseases cannot be implemented.
But instead, E-bike (electric bicycle) is open! There is a charge for this, but you can use it with confidence because it is disinfected for each customer’s use. And because it is an E-bike, driving is easy. You can walk around Ine Funaya comfortably and happily.
Reservations and fees are below!

Operating company (contact)Kyoto Kaido (TEL: 0772-32-0127)
Reservation methodKyoto Kaido Homepage ( )
Places to rent (see map below)Inemachi Tourist Information Center (491 Hirata, Inemachi, Yoza-gun, Kyoto Prefecture)
Fee2,000 yen a day
* If you specify the YPJ series, it is +1,500 yen, and YPJ is an E-bike for long distances.
* If you tell us “I saw Amanohashidate Sightseeing Navi” at the time of booking, a 100 yen discount campaign is underway! Please use it.
Overview・ Bicycle pick-up / return place: Inemachi Tourist Information Center (* You can also pick up at the pleasure boat platform or roadside station. Please contact us.)
・ Return time: Until 17:00 on the day (for 1 night and 2 days)
Additional 1000 yen will be charged)・ Rental number:
1-12 people・ Appropriate height: 135 cm or more (bicycles with infant seats are also available) * Full-scale e-BIKE that can run to Urashima Shrine and Kamanyu fishing port is 155 cm Recommended above