Popular fishing experience “Eisemaru” in Ine

Introducing this time is the popular fishing boat “Eiseimaru” in Ine.
Since the captain is an active longline fisherman, he will guide you to the fishing points, so even beginners can participate with confidence. There are various menus depending on the customer’s wishes, such as a fishing
course that takes 2 hours, 4 hours, or a full day of fishing experience.
We will prepare all the necessary tools and food, so you can participate empty-handed .
Other fishing boats in the suburbs are mainly full-scale fishing (1 day course) and it is difficult for beginners to participate, but Mr. Nagasemaru can feel free to enjoy it!
I have actually participated this time, so please refer to it if you want to go.


Course setting

There are two basic courses, “Experience-based five-eyed fishing plan” and “Slowly five-eyed fishing plan” .

■ Experience-based five-eyed fishing plan (2-hour course) -For families and beginners-

Target fishTilefish, Crimson seabream, Gashira, etc.
time Departure time, basic flight 9:00 am, flight 13:00 pm
Fee 4,000 yen per adult 

3,000 yen per child (elementary school students and younger)

What is included in the price Life jacket, fishing rod, gimmick, bait
Departure place Ine Town Shichimenzan Parking Lot
OtherThe maximum number of passengers is eight.
The minimum number of participants is 2 people. (Applications can be made by one person.)
There is no toilet on board, so please complete before departure.
Extension fee: 1,500 yen per adult, 1,000 yen per child per hour


■ carefully Gomoku fishing plan (4,8 hour course) – fishing enthusiasts, fishing expert Own ~

Target fish:Blackthroat seabream, red seaperch, blackthroat seaperch, etc.
 Time:Please consult us regarding the departure time. We
plan to return in 4 or 8 hours after departure (according to sunrise) .
Fee:4-hour course
Adults 6,000 yen
Children 4,500 yen
Popular with people who want to catch various kinds of fish slowly! !!
8-hour course
Up to 4 adults 40,000 yen
8,000 yen for each additional person
* Electric reel rental is available. Consultation required.
Included in the price:Life jacket, fishing rod, gimmick, bait
Departure location:Ine Town Shichimenzan Parking Lot
Others:The maximum number of passengers is eight.
There is no toilet on board, so please complete it before departure.
We will prepare a cool box for take-out for 500 yen per box.
If you bring a cooler box, we will attach an ice pack.

Participation report

From here, I actually participated, so I will explain what the flow will be like.


The meeting place is Shichimenzan Parking Lot ( Google Map ). Since it is a parking lot set, you can just get on the boat when you park your car.
There is also a public toilet and vending machine in the parking lot, so you can go to the toilet in advance and drinks can be purchased.
It takes about 20 minutes from the departure to the fishing spot, so it will arrive in no time, so it is safe for people who are not good at seasickness.

When you arrive at the fishing spot, you are ready to go fishing.
Even beginners can enjoy throwing fishing with peace of mind.
So the mechanism is very simple!
Just attach a weight, attach a firefly squid to the needle attached on it, and sink it in the sea.
After that, I just wait. However, a professional fisherman will guide you, so you can hit it right away!
After that, it is important to adjust the timing well. However, here is a little trick.
When I eat a lot of food, I pull the rod up and put it together, and the needle gets caught in the fish’s mouth, but
I can’t tell until I try this.

I am relieved that you will be taught carefully one by one.
However, the timing is a feeling, so please do your best! Lol

The fish you can catch depends on the day, but on this day it was Renkodai, Itoyori, Eso, and Amadai .
If the size of Renkodai and Itoyori is good, the pulling is quite strong and fun.
And above all, it’s good because it’s insanely delicious except for lizardfish!
The tilefish is a high-class fish that comes out at restaurants, and it is the best to make sashimi!
Of course, the sashimi of Renkodai and Itoyori is also delicious!

Today’s fishing results were a total of 19 fish , including 3 beginners, 10 ream breams, 8 Itoyori, and 1 tilefish in a 4-hour course .
According to the captain, I couldn’t catch much today. .. ..
It’s enough for a fishing experience, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to cooking after I get home!

But I think some people say that they are not good at handling fish!
I would like to recommend to such people “Fisher’s Station” ( http://www.fisherman-station.com/ )


The place is a good location, about 3 minutes from the Yoza-Amanohashidate IC on the Kyoto Jukan Expressway, which you always pass when you return to the direction of Osaka Kyoto
. Right.

How was it? Please experience it when you come to Ine!
To apply, please call the Eiseimaru website ( https://eiseimaru.jimdofree.com/ ) or the Inemachi Tourism Association (0772-32-0277).