5 popular experiences in Ine

1. Experience the whole Ine with a Funaya guide

The attraction of Ine Funaya is its scenery. The view of the 230 Funayas lined up along Ine Bay is spectacular.
I think you will be impressed by the beauty that can only be found here.
However, of course, the scenery is attractive, but the real attraction is its history and culture.
Funaya is said to have been built in the early Edo period. It is difficult to taste the unique culture of this land that has been nurtured over the last 400 years with just photographs. .. ..
Therefore, I would like to recommend the “Whole Ine Experience with Funaya Guide” conducted by the Ine Town Tourism Association.
By listening to the history, culture, and customs of Ine from a local guide, you can understand the unique charm of this area that cannot be understood from the scenery alone. In addition, you can tour the inside of the Funaya, which is not open to the general public. In addition, you can also observe the gimmick fishing that is held in front of the Funaya, which is called the mondori experience. This is sure to be a valuable experience.
Price / ¥ 1,800 per person Holding time / 10:15 am, 13:00 pm Time required / 60 minutes Reservation inquiry / Inemachi Tourism Association (TEL: 0772-32-0277)

* Actually, almost the same experience as this one is being held at Ine no Yado Yosakuso. Moreover, the fee is 1,500 yen.
For details, see this introduction page ⇒Go to the Ine Funaya walking guide page that goes around with the landlady of Yosaso

2, Ine e-BIKE rental & tour

The Funaya in Ine has a circumference of 5km, and the scenery of the Funaya continues over about 230 houses. The e-BIKE tour is recommended for those who want to see the whole thing. If you use an e-bike, you can easily go around places that you can’t go on foot.Price / 5,000 yen per person Holding time / 10:15 am, 14:00 pm Time required / 120 minutes Reservation inquiry / Kyoto Kaido (Homepage: https://kyoto-ocean.com/  Rental only 1 day 2,000 yen

3. Small sightseeing boat (commonly known as a Sea Taxi)

Funaya in Ine was originally a fisherman’s town. The view of Funaya gives a different impression when viewed from the sea side.
Therefore, I would like to recommend a sea taxi. A so-called small pleasure boat will take you around Ine Bay.
The price is 1,000 yen per person, and the time is 30 minutes, so it is also attractive to be able to ride quickly.
By the way, do you know why it is called a sea taxi? This is in the way of boarding.
We offer a service where you can call the ship on your phone and have them pick you up at the nearest port of call.
That said, there is a designated boarding location, which is basically the “Shichimenzan Parking Lot”. It is very convenient for those who come by car because you can get on from the parking lot. There is also a large (150-seater) Ine Bay tour boat, but the smaller one is more realistic and recommended.
Price / 1,000 yen per person Business hours / 9: 00-17: 00 Time required / 30 minutes Reservation inquiry / 3 companies available (Nariyo Maru: 0772-32-0230 Kameshima Maru: 0772-32-0585 Marinated: 090-1022-1252

4. Fishing experience (Eisemaru) * Closed in winter

Ine has prospered as a fisherman’s town for a long time. I can still catch various kinds of fish.
What I would like to recommend most in Ine is Mr. Nagasemaru’s fishing experience.
Rather than fishing from the shore, it is a boat fishing, so you can catch the most delicious fish such as “Renko bream”, “Sweet bream” and “Itoyori” even if you sashimi!
What’s more, the active longline fisherman will tell you! There is no doubt that you can catch it!
For details, go to the Eisemaru introduction page ⇒To Eisemaru introduction page
Price / 4,000 yen Business hours / 9:00 am 17:00 pm Time required / 2 hours Reservation inquiry / Inemachi Tourism Association (TEL: 0772-32-0277)

5, <May-September only> Sea kayaking experience around Ine’s “Blue Cave”

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to a sea kayaking experience. The sea of ​​Tango Peninsula, including Ine, is highly transparent and kayaks around the clear blue sea. If you go through a natural cave on the way, is this Okinawa? It is so beautiful that you can mistake it for it.
Please join us in the summer.
Please check here for details on kayaking ⇒Go to the sea kayaking experience page around Ine’s “Blue Cave”