Thorough comparison of 3 companies of Ine sea taxi boat.

What is Ine’s Sea taxi?

Ine Funaya is famous for its scenic scenery. You can see the scenery of the Funaya lined up over about 230 houses with a circumference of about 5 km by walking, but after all it is recommended to take a Sea taxi sightseeing boat to see from the sea. There are times when dolphins swim with us several times a year!
This time, we will introduce a recommended Sea Taxi at Funaya in Ine.

Features of Ine Sightseeing boat

There are a total of 4 sightseeing boats in Ine. The breakdown is an Ine Bay tour boat (a large pleasure boat with 150 seats) and a sea taxi (a small pleasure boat with about 10 people). For small groups, Sea Taxi is definitely recommended.
Reasons why a sea taxi is good:
・ Because the boat is small, there is a sense of presence
・ You can ask a
guide directly from a former fisherman
・ You can get on from your favorite place (Shichimenzan parking lot, Funaya weather, etc.)

Therefore, in the following, we will thoroughly compare the three sea taxi companies!

Compare the characteristics of three sea taxis

* The price is the same for all three companies at 1,000 yen, so there is no difference (children are free).
The following is a comparison of other features.


・ The charm of Seiyo Maru

The attraction of this ship is its large capacity. The capacity is 20 people, which is the largest among the three companies. Other ships can accommodate up to 12 people, so if you have 13 or more people, please use this ship! The driver and guide is Mr. Kura, a local. Mr. Kura’s charm is its cheerfulness! Anyway, he is a cheerful and energetic person, so it is perfect for those who like such customer service! And since Mr. Kura is a former fisherman, he is very familiar with the sea of ​​Ine. By the way, my son runs the Funaya inn “Kura” and also cultivates Ine’s popular food “Iwagaki from Ine” in the summer. The whole family is supporting sightseeing in Ine. You can feed the seagulls for free.
Price / 1,000 yen per person Capacity / 20 people Captain / Kura Reservation Tel: 0772-32-0230 Business hours / 9: 00-17: 00 Closed / Open all year round (excluding year-end and New Year holidays) 


・ The charm of Kameshima Maru

The biggest attraction of this ship is that you can tour the boathouse as a set! Kameshima Maru’s Funaya is also exhibited so that tourists can fully understand the life of Funaya. It’s a great deal not only to enjoy the funaya but also to visit the inside of the funaya! The driver and guide is Mr. Yamada, a local. Mr. Yamada’s charm is the polite explanation. It gives accurate and accurate explanations so that you can understand your honest personality, so it is ideal for those who like history and those who want to hear the explanation firmly. Feeding seagulls is free.
Price / 1,000 yen per person Capacity / 12 people Captain / Yamada Reservation Tel: 0772-32-0585 Business hours / 9: 00-17: 00 Closed / Open all year round (excluding year-end and New Year holidays) 


Marinated, who will be introduced at the end, also feeds seagulls for free.Price / 1,000 yen per person Capacity / 11 people Captain / Tanisuga Reservation Tel: 090-1022-1252 Business hours / 9: 00-17: 00 Closed / Open all year round (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

We have introduced the above 3 companies! Each one has its own charm, so please take a sea taxi when you come! ^^