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We will deliver event information for Ine’s summer (July-September). In Ine Town, a fisherman town in July, summer fishing is in the off-season. So fishermen give their lives to the festival! Especially at the Ine Festival, the ferry, which is said to be a sea ferry, is spectacular.
 Ine fireworks are recommended in August. The fireworks that launch in the middle of Ine are a masterpiece. You can see it from anywhere in Ine’s Funaya.

5月~8月 伊根産岩牡蠣



  • 天然と変わらない
  • 3年かけて大きく育つ
  • 身入りが良い
  • 滅菌海水装置で生でも美味しく
  • 毎年ゴールデンウィークからお盆休みくらいまでが出荷時期になっています。(季節や出荷状況により変動します)
生産会社伊根産岩牡蠣生産販売 かき蔵

May-August Ine rock oysters

Mild mouthfeel with no harshness

Ine oysters, also known as sea milk, are rock oysters grown in Ine Bay, which is famous for Funaya in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture. Rock oysters grown in the beautiful seawater of Ine are characterized by a mild taste without harshness.

  • The water in Ine Bay, which is the same as natural water, is very clean and is cultivated with great care in the same state as natural water.
  • It
    takes 3 years to reach the shipping size, which grows large over 3 years, and even large ones weighing over 500g can be completed.
  • It
    is characterized by being well-stocked compared to well- stocked natural products.

  • We have introduced a sterilized seawater device so that you can eat raw and delicious Ine rock oysters. If you soak the landed rock oysters in a sterilized seawater device for 24 to 48 hours, they can be shipped for raw consumption.
  • The shipping time is from Golden Week to Obon holiday every year. (Varies depending on the season and shipping status)
nameIne rock oysters
Production companyProduction and sale of rock oysters from Ine Kakizo

July (Saturday and Sunday of the last week) Ine Festival



The “Ine Festival” has been preserved in Ine Town (a festival in the four wards of Kameshima) since the Edo period more than 300 years ago. It is said that this originated from the fact that three villages, Kamejima Village, Hirata Village, and Hide Village, solicited Gion Gozu Tenno Shrine to Yasaka Shrine in the early modern period. It is held on Saturdays and Sundays at the end of July every year to pray for maritime safety, big catch, and good harvest. At the time of the big festival, it is also called “Gion Matsuri of the Sea”.

The festival lasts for two days: the evening festival, the evening palace, and the main festival. At the festival, Kagura dance and Gagaku are performed. In addition, the sight of the festival boat passing over the sea is a masterpiece. And sometimes you can see “imitation”! ??

nameIne Festival
Street addressKameshima, Ine Town, Yoza District, Kyoto Prefecture

August (last Saturday) Ine fireworks



Ine’s summer tradition is Ine fireworks. Colorful fireworks are launched, and the cityscape of Funaya is beautifully projected.

When the fireworks set off from the center of Ine Bay, the cheers of the people watching from Funaya echoed.

On the day of the fireworks, there will be stalls using local ingredients, so please come hungry.


nameIne fireworks
Street address505-4 Hirata, Ine-cho, Yoza-gun, Kyoto 626-0423

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