Amanohashidate parking lot information (paid? Free? Business hours?)

There are quite a few parking lots in the Amanohashidate area, but most are charged.
The market price is around 700 yen in the Fuchu area (Kasamatsu Park, former Ise Kago Shrine) and around 500-700 yen in the Bunshu area (Amanohashidate Viewland , Chionji Temple) .
However, there are some free parking lots. First of all, I would like to introduce a free parking lot.

List of free parking lot locations

Fuchu district

・ Moto Ise Kono Shrine

Free parking within 30 minutes (passenger cars and motorcycles only) . It’s a parking lot of the former Ise Kago Shrine, so
it’s convenient for those who just wantto worship.
However, please note that 30 minutes or more will be charged all day and will be 700 yen.
The parking lots in the neighborhood are all priced at 700 yen, so it’s not expensive at all.


Tourist Association Parking Lot

It is convenient if you want to cross Amanohashidate because it is near the sandbar of Amanohashidate. Sightseeing boats are also just a short walk away.
However, only about 20 cars can be parked, so please be lucky if it is available.

Monju district

・ ENEOS Amanohashidate SS (Sanyo Shoji)

This is a gas station, but it seems that you can park it in the free parking lot behind the gas station by refueling with 10 liters or more of gasoline . If you pay anyway, it is better to refuel.
It’s convenient because it’s a few minutes walk from the tourist center area.

・ Amanohashidate station square transfer P

It is a rotary located in front of Amanohashidate Station. Basically, it is a parking lot for train transfers, so you cannot park.
However, if it is not crowded during the free time on weekdays, you can park for about 30 minutes (at your own risk).

Paid parking google map

Since there are many toll parking lots, we have summarized them on the Google map below. Please refer to.
In addition, the price will change depending on the season, so please check directly on site in the end.