Amanohashidate rental cycle [Where can I rent a bicycle? Is it possible to drop off? ]

Amanohashidate recommends rent-a-bicycle

The charm of a bicycle

・ You can cross while feeling the sea breeze that blows through the pine forest of Amanohashidate!
・ It takes only 20 minutes by bicycle to cross Amanohashidate! (It takes 50 minutes on foot ,,,)You
can customize the stop-by plan to your liking! (If you move finely by car, you will be charged a parking fee each time …)

Speaking of sightseeing in Amanohashidate, temples and shrines such as Chionji Temple and former Ise Kago Shrine, Kasamatsu Park with a beautiful view of the observatory, and “Crotch Peep” from Amanohashidate Viewland are popular. I want to go around all of them! However , Amanohashidate is divided by a sandbar with a total length of 3.6km, so it is surprisingly difficult to move. It takes 50 minutes on foot. Also, if you move by car, you will be charged a parking fee (about 500-1000 yen) for each move, so it’s a waste.
Therefore, I would like to recommend bicycle rental! You can cross Amanohashidate in just about 20 minutes by bicycle, so this is definitely a great deal to enjoy to the fullest in a limited time. Also, if you use a bicycle, you can easily drop in at the store. Furthermore, for those who are tired of biking all the time, there is also a round-trip set plan such as a bicycle for one way and a sightseeing boat on the way back, so that is recommended. This time, we will thoroughly explain the rental cycle of Amanohashidate.
* When using a rental cycle, be careful not to come into contact with other tourists or pedestrians.

Introducing rental cycle prices, places, times, and set plans with sightseeing boats

The market price of Amanohashidate’s bicycle rental is
” 400 yen within 2 hours, 200 yen every hour thereafter” .
If you only need a bicycle, this is OK! There is plenty of room, so no reservation is required.
It’s nice to cycle slowly, but I’m a little worried about my physical strength. .. ..
For such people, there is also a great plan that includes a rental cycle and a sightseeing boat .
If you have a set plan, you can rent a bicycle to go and take a sightseeing boat on the way back, so you can ride a bicycle only one way! So you can enjoy your bicycle without overdoing it.
From here, we will introduce 4 recommended bicycle rental plans for sightseeing in Amanohashidate centering on bicycle rental !

Plan ① Tango Kairiku Kotsu Co., Ltd.

Operating company (contact)Tango Kairiku Kotsu Co., Ltd. (TEL: 0772-42-0321)
Places to rent (see map below)Amahashidate Sightseeing Ship Amahashidate Pier (468, Monju, Miyazu City, Kyoto 626-0001) Amahashidate
Sightseeing Ship Ichinomiya Pier (118-1, Ogaki, Miyazu City, Kyoto 629-2242)
Fee (rent-a-bicycle only)400 yen for 2 hours. After that, 200 yen will be added every hour.
Advantageous set planBicycle rental (going) ⇄ Sightseeing boat (return) 1,000 yen
Rental cycle (going) ⇄ Motor boat (return) 1,000 yen (* Operates for 4 people or more)
* Motor boat is a small boat, so more dynamic cruising than sightseeing boat You can also enjoy it.
OverviewThe size of the bicycle is only 20 inches.
There are no bicycles for children.
For safety reasons, we do not lend to those who cannot touch the ground. note that.


Plan ② Kasamatsu Sightseeing Motor Boat

Operating company (contact)Kasamatsu Sightseeing Motor Boat (0772-22-2954)
Places to rent (see map below)① Monju Sales Office (466 Monju, Miyazu City, Kyoto 626-0001)
② Ichinomiya Pier
③ Yoshinoya (48 Ogaki, Miyazu City, Kyoto 629-2242 )
④ Hama Store Yoshinoya
Fee (rent-a-bicycle only)400 yen in 2 hours
Advantageous set planLarge people / 900 yen (bicycle 400 yen + boat 500 yen)
Elementary school students / 600 yen ( bicycle 400 yen + boat 200 yen)
Infants / 400 yen (bicycle 400 yen + boat free)
Children’s bicycle / 1,000 yen (bicycle 500 yen) + Boat 500 yen)
* Includes the fee for children riding on children.
OverviewThere are also children’s bicycles and children’s bicycles.

Plan ③ Kyoto Kaido

Actually, unlike the two companies I explained earlier, this company does not have a set plan with a pleasure boat.
The biggest attraction here is that it uses E-bikes for all models!

Is E-bike an electric bike? Actually, it’s different. Please read the following.

What is an E-bike? The mama-chari type electric bicycle that has been sold for a long time emphasizes practicality, and it is important that it is not tiring even on slopes and heavy luggage, and that it is low maintenance. On the other hand, the E-bike is designed to be less tiring and practical, as well as to pursue pedal efficiency and directly lead to propulsion. One of the features is that many models can run 100km or more because the battery capacity is large.
(Excerpt from Asahi Co., Ltd. website:

・ You don’t have to worry about getting tired, so you can enjoy sightseeing in the town comfortably!
– Since the speed is also faster than the normal bicycle, you do not need to be in cruise ships and set!
・ If you pay an additional fee, you can freely choose a place and drop off!

I want to take a walk around Amanohashidate! It is an absolutely recommended plan for those who say.

Operating company (contact)Kyoto Kaido (0772-22-2954)
Reservation methodKyoto Kaido Homepage )
Places to rent (see map below)Compared to Amanohashidate Ekimae Chie
(640-24 Monju, Miyazu City, Kyoto 626-0001)
Fee (rent-a-bicycle only)1 day: YPJ (full-scale type) 3,500 yen PAS series (city riding type) 2,000 yen
1 night 2 days: YPJ (full-scale type) 5,000 yen PAS series (city riding type) 3,000 yen
Drop-off +1,000 yen for each charge
* “Amanohashidate” If you tell us “I saw the sightseeing navigation” at the time of booking, a 100 yen discount campaign is underway! Please use it.
RemarksThere is also a private guided tour conducted by a guide familiar with Amanohashidate.
Please check the Kyoto Kaido website for details.

Plan ④ Roadside Station Kyoto by the Sea Miyazu

Lastly, I would like to recommend the rental cycle of Kyoto Miyazu, Roadside Station Kyoto by the Sea.
It’s a little inconvenient because it’s about 3km away from the central area of ​​Amanohashidate, but there are merits as well!
・ Free car parking fee! … In the central area of ​​Amanohashidate, it always costs at least 500 yen, which is a great deal!
・ Bicycle rental is available! … It takes about 20 minutes by bicycle to reach Amanohashidate. The road is along the coastline, so it feels refreshing!
・ You can go sightseeing not only in Amanohashidate but also in Miyazu city area! … You can fully enjoy the charms of Miyazu other than Amanohashidate!

Operating company (contact)Miyazu City Tourism Exchange Center (0772-25-1382)
Places to rent (see map below)Roadside Station Kyoto by the Sea Miyazu
(3007, Hamacho, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture 626-0012)
Fee (rent-a-bicycle only)2 hours / 400 yen 100 yen per 30 minutes extension up to 1,000 yen a day with
electric bicycle 2 hours / 500 yen
RemarksAmanohashidate Viewland Admission ticket included All-you-can-ride plan available 1,000 yen (tax included)

[A little breath] Recommended spot best ③

① Suginoya Chikuwa
You can take out the exquisite black chikuwa of “Suginoya”, a long-established udon restaurant in the center of Fuchu.
If you get tired from your bicycle, take a break.
The price is 250 yen, which is a reasonable price.

Store name / Suginoya Business hours / 11: 30-16: 00 Regular holiday / Friday (irregular if it is a holiday) Phone / 0772-27-0040 Address / 71 Ejiri, Miyazu-shi, Kyoto HP / https: // suginoyaudon .com /

② Soft serve ice cream from Amanohashidate Winery

Since it is a winery shop, it is a soft serve ice cream using white wine. The taste is also very delicious with the flavor of white wine.
The price is 200 yen!

Store name / Amanohashidate Winery Business hours / 10: 00-17: 00 Regular holiday / Wednesday Phone / 0772-27-2222 Address / 123 HP /, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture 629-2234 / wein /

③ Mochi of wisdom

In front of the gate of Bunshu-do (Chionji Temple), four teahouses sell Amanohashidate’s famous “Chionji Mochi” .
“Wisdom mochi” is said to give wisdom when eaten.
Please enjoy it when you come to the Manju area.
The fee will be around 300 yen .

Store name / There are four houses in front of Chionji Temple (Representative, Monjusou Kanshichi Chaya store details Business hours / 8: 00-17: 00 Regular holiday / Irregular holidays Phone / 0772-22-2105 Address / 〒626- 0001 Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture Amanohashidate Kaisen Bridge HP /