Absolutely recommended at Amanohashidate! 6 special souvenirs!

Sightseeing in Amanohashidate! Ride the cable car and “Matanozoki” to eat delicious food.
What about souvenirs? What is popular when standing in Amanohashidate? Here are some recommended souvenirs for such people!
* There are many souvenir summary sites in Amanohashidate, so please check there for solid souvenirs. On this site, we will only introduce attractive souvenirs that shine with individuality, not souvenirs such as cookies with local names.

Chie no mochi (Wisdom Mochi)

The first thing I’ll introduce is Chie no mochi. Because this souvenir is a dish that has been passed down from generation to generation since the Edo period. The origin of the mochi of wisdom is taken from Chionji Temple, which is famous as “the wisdom of Monju if three people approach”. In the Monju area of ​​Amanohashidate, Chionji had the right to land for generations and had a strong power. So you need a special from Chionji to do anything. And only four houses that received permission from Chionji have been running for generations. The four houses are [Yoshino Chaya], [Hikobei Chaya], [Kanshichi Chaya], and [Chitose Chaya] . The price varies depending on the store, but it is about 700 yen for 10 pieces. You can order even one, so feel free to drop by.
Sales location / In front of Chionji Temple / Irregular holidays

Squid Tokuri

What a sake bottle made from squid!
If you drink it for dinner, it will have the best taste, and if you bake it further and eat it, it will have a nice taste. Produced properly by a local fisherman in Miyazu City (Kuraoka Shoten).
If you give it as a set with sake, you will be happy. It is a dish that shines with ideas.
Sales location / Miyazu city souvenir shop.  Price / around 900 yen

Japanese and Western confectionery Okuda Kintsuba

Kintsuba is all over the country, but the taste of Kintsuba here is really delicious.
It’s a light bean paste, so it’s not persistent, but you can still feel the taste of azuki beans and enjoy the taste of the ingredients.
The place is just across the Fuchu and Bunshu districts of Amanohashidate.

Sales location / Okuda In-store price / 150 yen per piece

By the way, you can reach Ouchi Ichijikan Park (* see below) in about 10 minutes by car from Okuda, so why not stop by if you have time?
* It is one of the four major views where you can see Amanohashidate from all sides. (1) “Hiryukan” seen from Amanohashidate Viewland (2) “Slanted Ichimonji” seen from Kasamatsu Park, (3) “Sesshukan” which is the origin of “Amanohashidate”, and ( 4) The view from Ouchi  Ichijikan Park It is called “one character view” . Each has a different view of Amanohashidate.

Night view from Ichijikan Park.
As expected, it is one of the four major scenic spots.

Sales location / Ouchi Pass Ichijikan Park Address / 3211 Yumiki, Yosano-cho, Yosano-gun, Kyoto 629-2263

Iio brewed vinegar

Next, I would like to introduce Mr. Iio Jozo, a long-established vinegar shop in Miyazu.
Founded in 1887, he is the current president and the fifth generation. There are a wide variety of vinegars, including “pickle vinegar”, which is exclusively for pickles, and “red potato vinegar,” which is made from potatoes that are effective against hangovers. Fruit vinegar is especially popular and is a dish that will please health-conscious people and women.
Sales location / Iio Jozo main store and souvenir shop in Miyazu city

Takenaka canned oil sardine

Founded in 1908, there are a wide variety of 8 types, including the signature product Tennohashidate / Oil Sardine (Iwashi Yusuke), Hatahata, Okigisu (Nigisu), Firefly Squid, Scallops, and Oysters. It’s canned so it’s easy to carry around, and the packaging is fashionable, so it’s a perfect souvenir.
Sales location / Souvenir shop in Miyazu City Price / Price 500 yen ~

Hashidate Yamaichi’s specialty, dried fish with mirin

Yamaichi’s recommendation is the dried fish with mirin a specialty of horse mackerel and mackerel! This dried soy sauce, which is probably the secret recipe of Yamaichi, is a highly recommended product that can only be tasted here in Yamaichi. This taste is addictive once you eat it, and the number of repeaters is increasing rapidly! !!
Sales location / Yamaichi Hashidate Address / 324-1 Mizoshiri, Miyazu City, Kyoto 629-2233 HP / http://hashidate-yamaichi.com/publics/index/7/