Inenosora GOHAN

The atmosphere is relaxed because the old folk house has been renovated.

Speaking of Ine, the Sea of ​​Japan and seafood! There may be an image.
Of course, seafood is delicious, but in fact, mountain food is also recommended.

Lunch plate whose menu changes monthly

Here, Inenosora GOHAN offers a lunch full of vegetables, mainly using Ine vegetables such as pesticide-free and organic vegetables! Rice and miso are also homemade. (* Only Chinese soba will be served in January and February.)

The view from the shop is the trees of the rich mountains.
BGM is the voice of birds and insects … I hope you can spend a relaxing time while enjoying the gentle flow of time.

* Since we are working with two couples, I think that you may have to wait. note that. I would be grateful if you could afford the time.
* There is a kids space

Store nameInenosora GOHAN
phone number0772-47-9787
business hours11: 30-15: 30
Street address580 Sugano, Ine-cho, Yoza-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
Regular holidayMonday Tuesday
accessBy car: 20 minutes from the Funaya group in Ine