7 Ine Funaya Inns Where You Can Stay Alone

  • 01/02/2021
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I want to stay at Funaya in Ine and enjoy the seaside scenery slowly! However, it is a fact that there are quite a few inns where you can stay alone. .. ..
Here are 7 ines in Ine where even one person can stay.
<The order is in ascending order of price >

Funaya Minshuku Shione (7,000 yen without meals)

It is the cheapest inn in Funaya in Ine.
Accommodation fee is 7,000 yen (tax included) per person (elementary school students and above) per night .
It’s a beautiful new inn that will open on June 1, 2020.
What makes me even more happy is that the kitchen, refrigerator, and IH kitchen are fully equipped for self-catering.
It is also recommended for long-term stays . And, after all, there is no doubt that you can refresh yourself because the beautiful sea spreads out in front of you!

Inn nameFunaya Minshuku Shione 
Street address461-1 Hide, Ine-cho, Yoza-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
phone number090-3034-3118 (* Reception hours: 9:00 to 17:00, regular holidays Monday and Wednesday
Fee7,000 yen (tax included) * A set of 5,000 yen will be deposited as a key deposit and refunded at checkout.
MealStay without meals
Number of rooms / capacity1 room / 3 people

Ameya (8,000 yen without meals)

Since it has not been renovated, it is a Funaya inn with a Showa era atmosphere.
However, the price is attractive at 8,000 yen (tax included) . Only here and Shione can stay at such a price!

Inn nameFunaya no Yado Ameya
phone number0772-32-0017
Fee1 person 8,000 yen (tax included)
2 people or more ~ ​​7,000 yen (tax included) / person
Elementary school student 4,000 yen (tax included)
MealStay without meals
Number of rooms / capacity2 rooms / 6 people

Funaya no Yado Nagahama (13,000 yen with half board)

Half board for breakfast and dinner And it is the only funaya where you can stay alone at the funaya for rent! !! !!
We are very grateful for those who are staying alone! Moreover, the price is reasonable at 13,000 yen (tax included) .
The reason for this is the intention of the inn owner, Mr. Nagahama.
It is operated with the hope that all customers will enjoy their stay in Ine, regardless of the number of people.
If it is vacant, reservation is required.

Inn nameFunaya no Yado Nagahama
phone number0772-32-0277 (Acted by Inemachi Tourism Association)
FeeHalf board (dinner / breakfast) 13,000 yen (tax included) / person
with dinner 11,000 yen (tax included) / person
with breakfast 9,000 yen (tax included) / person
without meals 7,000 yen (tax included) / person
MealHalf board with
dinner and
without meals
Number of rooms / capacity1 room / 5 people

WATER FRONT INN Yosakuso (15,400 yen with half board)

It is not the only inn in Ine Funaya that is limited to one group, but an inn that can accommodate 24 people in 8 rooms.
In Ine Funaya, where it is difficult to make reservations, there are many rooms and it is relatively easy to make reservations.
Cooking is also a popular inn. The price is ¥ 15,400 per person with half board.

Inn nameWATER FRONT INN Yosakuso
phone number0772-32-0278
Fee1 night with breakfast 
1 person ¥ 11,000
2 people or more ¥ 9,900 1 night with half
board ¥ 15,400
2 people or more ¥ 14,300
MealHalf board or breakfast included
Number of rooms / capacity8 rooms / 24 people

Seaside inn Kamome (15,000 yen with breakfast)

This is a new inn that will open on July 15, 2020. The attraction is the view of Ine Bay from the room on the 3rd floor.
You can also enjoy Kamome’s signature breakfast at the restaurant. The price is 15,000 yen (excluding tax) per person including breakfast per night .

Street address19 Hirata, Ine-cho, Yoza-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
phone number0772-32-0025
Fee15,000 yen per person (excluding tax)
2 people or more-10,000 yen per person (excluding tax)
6,000 yen (excluding tax) from 3 years old to 6th grade elementary school students
MealBreakfast (we have prepared in the second floor restaurant.)
• For dinner, located in Ine town ” soldiers four-tower ” (Thursday regular holiday), Chigyo cuisine ” Yoshimura ” (※ reservation required) ” meal processing flea treatment Please use ” Nagisa ” (* reservation required) or ” Kaimiya ” (closed on Wednesdays).
Number of rooms / capacity2 rooms (1 room has 2 bedroom beds) / 6 people
AmenitiesTV / refrigerator / dryer / bath towel / face towel / yukata / shampoo / conditioner / body soap / toothbrush set
Check-in / out15:00 / ~ 10:00

Funaya no Yado Aura (15,000 yen without meals)

This inn was created by the female owner, Mr. Ishikura, with a space that is comfortable for customers. The exterior is a traditional Funaya, but the interior is modern and fashionable because it is designed from a female perspective. The price per person is 15,000 yen .

Inn nameFunaya no Yado Aura
phone number0772-32-0067
Fee15,000 yen /
10,000 yen per person (Price display for 2 to 3 people)
MealStay without meals
Number of rooms / capacity1 room / 6 people

Funaya no Yado Wako (19,800 yen without meals)

You can stay comfortably because it has been renovated and has a clean feeling. Weekday fee is 19,800 yen (tax included)
per person .

Inn nameFunaya no Yado Wako
phone number090-1592-9395
FeeUsage fee per person Weekday fee 19,800 yen (tax included)
MealStay without meals
Number of rooms / capacity1 room / 4 people
home pagehttps://ine-wako.com/