“Ine Stay Tokiwa”, a luxury inn. Only one group a day.

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Introducing this time is “Ine Stay Tokiwa”, an inn for rent in the Funaya group of Ine.
This inn opened from July 1st, the first year of Reiwa (2019).
This inn was built by Ine Town and is operated by the local Ine Town Tourism Association.
The biggest attraction of

this inn is that you can stay at a low price in a fully renovated inn for rent. A bathroom made of cypress and a living room with a sofa where you can relax with a large number of people. There is also a kitchenette so you can bring your own meals and have a good time together at night. As shown in the price list below, if you stay with 4 people, it is about 10,000 yen per person < room without meals>, so it is a great deal !

Room rate table (room charge / tax included)

Number of peopleWeekdaysSaturday, the day before the holidaySpecific day
2 people¥ 24,000¥ 26,000¥ 30,000
3 people¥ 33,000¥ 36,000¥ 42,000
4 people¥ 40,000 (10,000 / person)¥ 44,000 (11,000 / person)¥ 52,000 (13,000 / person)
Five people¥ 50,000¥ 55,000¥ 60,000
6 people¥ 54,000¥ 60,000¥ 66,000
7 people¥ 56,000¥ 63,000¥ 70,000

・ Due to the system, you can only enter 90 days before your stay.
・ Children under the age of 3 are not counted in the room rate, but there are no futons or amenities.
・ Children over 4 years old will be counted in the room rate and will be provided with futons and amenities.
Specific dates
April 29th to May 5th, December 29th to January 3rd, Ine Fireworks Day, etc.

About price setting Some people may feel that this price is a little high even though they are staying without meals.
However, it has been fully renovated and the interior is very luxurious, so it feels more profitable if you stay!
There are many pictures of the inn’s exterior and interior on this website, so please refer to it!
(* Furthermore, since it is a facility subject to the goto travel campaign, 35% OFF from this price !!! As of November 28, 2020)

The exterior is built in harmony with the scenery of Funaya


A cypress-made bathroom. You will be healed by the scent of wood.
When you look out from the bathroom, the soft lighting illuminates the area.
Japanese-style room on the 1st floor
Japanese-style room on the 1st floor
The living room on the 2nd floor is a colonnade. Even a large number of people can relax on the sofa.
The sun shines in the morning and daytime, making you feel refreshed. You can also see the sea.
Indirect lighting creates a calm atmosphere at night
There is also a microwave, refrigerator and kettle so you can bring in food and alcohol.
The futon is also fluffy. Divided into 1st and 2nd floors for a total of 7 people
1st floor washroom


2nd floor washroom

Do you know what this is in the room on the ground floor?
In fact, this house used to run a sericulture industry.
Therefore, in order to protect the silk moth larvae, the word “insect” is attached to prevent insects.
(From Wikipedia … Actually, Tango Peninsula, where Ine Town is located, is famous for Tango Chirimen. Tango Chirimen is a post-dyed silk woven fabric that uses the twisting technology peculiar to the Tango region in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture. It is synonymous with silk textiles in the Tango region in general. The main production areas are Kyotango City and Yosano Town, Yosaku County. So, it is the largest silk textile producing area in Japan that produces 60 to 70% of the silk that is distributed in Japan.

Detailed information

Inn nameIne Stay Tokiwa
Street address538 Hirata, Ine-cho, Yoza-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
inquiry0772-32-0277 (Inemachi Tourism Association)
Number of rooms / capacity3 rooms / 7 people
AmenitiesAir conditioner, TV, refrigerator, electronic kettle, coffee maker, bath towel, face towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, dryer, toothbrush set, body towel, Japanese tea, Wi-Fi, mineral water (1L)
Check-in / out15:00 (Please contact us if you arrive after 17:00) / ~ 10:00
Reservation site
(Internet reservation)
● Parking Lot There
is no parking lot, so please park at the nearest Shichimenyama Municipal Parking Lot. It is about 100m walk from the inn.
● Facilities layout / equipment
Toilet, bath, bedroom, Japanese-style room 2

on the 1st floor Toilet, shower, 1 Western-style room (with kitchenette, bedroom) ● Meals are provided
without meals . For restaurants nearby, please use ” Sushi Kappo Kaigu ” (1 minute walk, closed on Wednesdays) or Hyoshiro (5 minutes walk, closed on Thursdays). If you would like to bring your meal in the room, please use the supermarket Nishigaki Yoroten (about 5 minutes by car, no regular holidays, business hours 9:30 to 19:00). In terms of building protection and maintenance, there are no cooking equipment such as stoves or pots in the building. It is also prohibited to bring the same item. (Refrigerator, electric kettle and microwave are available).
● No fire and no smoking
Under the current Building Standards Law, this building is a valuable building that cannot be built again, and because it is made of wood, it is extremely vulnerable to fire. Therefore, fire is strictly prohibited and smoking is prohibited in the facility, and equipment that may catch fire is not installed. We hope that the guests will understand this and use the hotel carefully, which is the charm and resource of the town.

Vacancy calendar

If there is nothing on the vacancy calendar, you can make a reservation, so please apply from the following site.
Reservation site (external)
For inquiries regarding application, please contact the Ine Town Tourism Association.

Please consider it when you stay in Ine ^^