New open! The inn “Oumi” in the Funaya area!

  • 01/02/2021
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The first shukubo in the Funaya group in Ine! “One cherry blossom temple” Kaizoji’s shukubo “Sakuraumi” has opened!

After all, “Ine no Funaya” is the
most popular sightseeing spot in Ine Town, but a new shukubo for rent has been created in the Ine Funaya group ! Its name is the inn “Sakuraumi” (Oumi). It is a luxurious inn where you can see the spectacular cherry blossoms in the special seats in spring.
In addition, for guests who wish, we also offer morning lessons (reading sutras from 6 am), zazen, sutras (1,000 yen), mondori experience, and fishing port information .
It is attractive that there are many services unique to shukubo that you cannot enjoy at other inns .
A friendly priest will welcome you.

<Exterior photo> You can relax slowly because it is a shukubo for rent.

When you enter the room, the first thing you will see is a fusuma painting with a dragon.

The room is divided into two rooms, so it is spacious and comfortable.

It feels good just to look at the courtyard ^^

Fashionable detailed design

An inn that welcomes children

Families with children are also welcome.
It would be great if you could feel close to the temple and get familiar with it.
My memories of traveling when I was little fade away, but the feeling of “fun” remains forever.
I hope you will visit Ine again with the thought that “I enjoyed Ine” when my child grew up.

Cherry Blossom Temple Kaizoji Shukubo “Oumi” 

If you open the shoji screen in spring, the cherry blossoms in full bloom will spread in front of you.
You can only enjoy a luxurious time here while watching the cherry blossoms at night.

Room rate

WeekdaysCheck-in the day before holidays
(Friday, Saturday, the day before public holidays)
When the cherry blossoms bloom
For 1 person12,000 yen13,000 yenLeft + 3,000 yen
For 2 to 5 people9,000 yen / person10,000 yen / personLeft + 3,000 yen / person
Children’s room rateElementary and junior high school students: 5,000 yen / person
Preschoolers: 2,000 yen if you need a futon or breakfast, and free if you don’t need a futon or breakfast.
High school students and above will be charged the regular fee.
Payment is cash only.
All prices include tax. The
cherry blossoms bloom in early April every year, but due to the weather, the full bloom date cannot be predicted. Even if you wish to stay on a full bloom day, we cannot guarantee it because it is natural.


A devoted breakfast is included.

You can also prepare a devoted meal for dinner (a devoted meal is 2,000 yen per person, and a child can prepare dinner for 500 yen / person) Please contact us for details. (It may not be available when the priest is absent)

Please consider it when you come to Ine ^^


For reservations, please visit the Sakuraumi website.

Sakuraumi homepage ( )