About using the goto campaign in Ine Town

  • 01/02/2021
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[GOTO Travel Campaign] List of Target Accommodations (Ine Town)

Regarding the “GOTO Travel Campaign” that started on July 22nd (Wednesday), the target accommodations in Ine Town have been successfully registered! !! !! The following target facilities are excerpted from the Ine Town Tourism Association, so please check them.
Guests staying after September 5th will be able to stay at a discounted price for the goto campaign! No procedure is required.
However, if you wish to use the campaign, please be sure to bring your ID with you.

[As of September 4]
■ Funaya Guest House Shione Phone: 090-3034-3118
■ Funaya Inn Wako Phone: 090-1592-9395
■ Funaya Inn Aura Phone: 0772-32-0067
■ Funaya Inn Ohiraso Phone: 090-2112-7650
■ CAFE & BB guri Phone: 0772-45-1534
■ Cooking Inn Yoshimuraya Phone: 0772-32-0062
■ WATER FRONT INN Yosakuso Phone: 0772-32-0278
■ Ine Stay Tokiwa Phone: 0772-32-0277 (Ine Town Tourism Association)
■ Ine Funaya Stay Kainagi Phone: 0772-32-0277 (Ine Town Tourism Association)
■ Ine Kaijuku Funaya Phone: 090 – 3992 7972
■ Funaya Inn Kuratada Phone: 0772-32-0532
■ Funaya Inn Nagahama Phone: 0772-32-0277 (Inemachi Tourism Association)
■ Funaya Inn Warehouse Phone: 0772-32-0815
■ Funaya Inn Key Shop Phone: 0772-32-0356
■ Funaya no Yado Maruichi Phone: 0772-32-0608
■ Funaya
no Yado Taisei Phone: 0772-32-0026
■ Peaceful Inn Soukaan Phone: 0772-32-0507 ■ Fisherman’s Inn Minatoya Phone: 0772- 33-0407
■ Seaside Inn Kamome

* For the following facilities, discounts are only available for reservations made via Jalan net, Rakuten Travel, and Yahoo! Travel.
Reservations over the phone are not eligible for the discount.

■ Oku Ine Onsen Aburaya Main Building Phone: 0772-32-0972
■ Oku Ine Onsen Aburaya Annex Watei Phone: 0772-32-0306
■ Ine Funaya Masa Phone: 0772-32-0280
■ Ine Funaya Fuga Phone: 0772-32 -0280
■ Ine Funaya Kamiya Phone: 0772-32-0280

[Other various campaigns that can be used in the Kyoto area of ​​the sea]

Currently, many corona-related campaigns are underway.
Click here for details → https://ine-tabi.com/en/event/uminokyoto-campaign/

About local coupon handling stores in Ine Town

Issuance of regional common coupons started on October 1, 2020.
If you stay at the target facility, you will receive 15% of the accommodation price as a 1,000 yen coupon (rounded to the nearest 500 yen)
, which can be used at the target store on the day of your stay and the day after.
Please check the Ine Town Tourism Association website below for the target facilities.


↓ Excerpt from the Ine Town Tourism Association website ↓
[Updated on October 8]

The stores handling Go To Travel Campaign regional common coupons in Ine Town (the types of coupons that can be handled in parentheses), which started operation on October 1, are as follows.
At the same time, the registered facilities of the Kyoto Go To Eat campaign (gift certificate with premium. Refer to the Kyoto Prefecture Go To Eat site for how to purchase), which will start on October 20, are also listed.



[Pleasure boat / experience]

【gas station】

  • Ueyama Shokai (paper / electronic)
  • Mino Shokai (paper)

[Accommodation] * Can be used for souvenirs and services in the facility.